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Where is everyone from?

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  • saakshi-sophie
    Post count: 9


  • official_zoe123
    Post count: 9

    I’m in Ireland 💚

  • svetlana79
    Post count: 4

    I’m from Russia 👍

  • akm21
    Post count: 10

    Texas what up!

  • yield
    Post count: 38

    I’mfromsouthAfricabutMYfamily ISINAmerican

  • ariana2475s
    Post count: 7

    I am from Bangladesh but i live in Australia

  • wildgirl08
    Post count: 96

    I’m from New York in the USA

  • amethyst123
    Post count: 37

    I live in the USA in Texas

  • skybluesplash
    Post count: 24

    @gamechanger I’m from Australia 🙂

  • rarewildpotato
    Post count: 12

    I’m from Australia! ❤ 💙

  • madz-c7
    Post count: 4


  • shahd_hassan
    Post count: 23

    And I’m from Egypt🇪🇬😁

  • alyza
    Post count: 56

    Wow so many people from so many different countries!! Love from Pakistan xx

  • alyza
    Post count: 56

    Wow so many people from so many different countries!! Love from Pakistan xx

  • hazel5
    Post count: 449

    I am from Karachi Pakistan

  • saakshi-sophie
    Post count: 9

    I live in India, at Mumbai

  • cindytam
    Post count: 3

    I am from Hong Kong. Do you guys know where it is?

  • ruka47
    Post count: 199

    I live in the USA!😊😊

  • fluffie-bubblez3
    Post count: 260

    I’m from the USA . Winter is forever, one time it was snowing form december to april!

  • sigridvlc
    Post count: 4

    I am from Holland

  • drawwithmalik
    Post count: 84

    I live in the USA. New Jersey to be exact!

  • poddofaria
    Post count: 4

    I’m from Bangladesh which is a small South Asian country!

  • extraordilory
    Post count: 4

    Hello there! I’m from the Philippines. Its great to know y’all! All the huge love xoxo

  • gymnast9669
    Post count: 1

    I’m from New Zealand!

    • kiwi56
      Post count: 21

      I’m from New Zealand! 💚💙 but love to travel overseas!

  • zooeydog
    Post count: 145

    I live in the United States ??

  • timigirl
    Post count: 22

    I’m from Nigeria. It’s located in West Africa.

  • hazel5
    Post count: 449

    Im from Pakistan! 🙂

  • mrs-pretty
    Post count: 7

    I’m from ohio in the united states of America

  • princessariel101
    Post count: 2

    Hi. I’m from the United States. I live in North America.
    Please follow me and I’ll follow you back. @princessariel101.

  • ridakausar
    Post count: 1

    I’m from Pakistan. I noticed that Miss O members are from almost every country. It’s Cool to meet and learn the cultures of different countries of world. I Love Miss O!

  • fatimasimple
    Post count: 19

    I’m from Nigeria but I live in New York.

    • priscaluwawa
      Post count: 31

      I’m from South Africa.But I really want to go to Canada, but I can’t since my parent don’t have money to bring me there. Any suggestion on what I should do.

      • mizztetianna
        Post count: 8

        Hi there. I am Tetianna and i am from New York. I was born there too! I use to live in Canada but my family came back. I love canada and germany. i plan to live in canada after college. I would love to know if anybody is from Germany or Canada!

  • camcam13
    Post count: 11

    I live in Oregon!

  • misso
    Post count: 122

    I am from the USA. I have lived in London for 6 months, but basically live in the states.

    • gymnastlove4
      Post count: 5

      I am from Florida, USA! 🙂 I am used to tons of rain and sunshine. We don’t get snow either! 🙁

  • diya-mishra
    Post count: 4

    I am from INDIA

  • hazel5
    Post count: 449

    I am from Pakistan, but I lived in UAE earlier.

  • stella44
    Post count: 3

    I have dual citizenship – Pakistan and Singapore. [My dad’s from Pakistan and my mum’s from Singapore.]

  • stella44
    Post count: 3

    I have dual citizenship pakistan and singapore [My mums from singapore].

  • diydancer2005
    Post count: 14


  • gamechanger
    Post count: 652

    I am from Wild West Virgina. Right now I live in Frederick MD. I can’t wait for this snow to stop. I WANT SUMMER!!!! Good thing its gonna be 60 degrees tomorrow.

  • gamechanger
    Post count: 652

    Must be pretty cold there! Stay warm!

    Anyone from some place warm in the winter?

  • nikkichic2
    Post count: 2

    Thailand…But I lived in Canada once, I miss snow

  • gamechanger
    Post count: 652

    Lucky you! No winter there!

  • asmasiddiqi
    Post count: 25

    I’m from the U.S. too!, but I currently live abroad in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! 😀

  • gamechanger
    Post count: 652

    Where is everyone from? I love that fact we are International. That’s what great about the internet. Let’s see how many countries Miss O represents. I’ll start. I’m from the USA.

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