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  • fluffie-bubblez3
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  • mahmonkey05
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    I would change people using drugs and smoking

  • moxxo
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    @fluffie.bubblez3 I would change the horrible war thats going on in Syria. its so sad its reminding me of the world war 2 which we studied about 🙁

  • fluffie-bubblez3
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    @skybluespalsh in a way, we are just as powerful. But girls have their limits. This is not a discouragement… Girls are amazing and they can do lots of things boys can’t do! I don’t think a boy could make such a wonderful website like @juliette and her friends did. But girls cannot do everything boys can. So in a way, we are not equal. Boys are stronger (physically not mentally) and they are way more simple. Girls see the bigger picture!

  • skybluesplash
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    Hmmm…. I would change a lot of things. Firstly, conflict. We seriously need peace. And gender inequality. Girls are just as good (sometimes better) as boys, right? And the list goes on. Poverty, homelessness, climate change. . . . .

  • fluffie-bubblez3
    Post count: 461

    If you could change something about this world, what would you change?

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