Which episode on Hyperlinked is your favorite?

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  • busybea363
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    my fave vest made in Soulsie crew is gorl boss

  • lexidrew
    Post count: 41

    yesss girl I’m here🖤

  • rosarosa0501
    Post count: 126

    @oreoluxieyt I love those vests to- Lexi is on the app now BTW

  • lexidrew
    Post count: 41

    Aww you should!!!❤❤❤

  • Anonymous
    Post count: 469

    IKR !! They are beyond awesome!! I would definetly would do it if I had a friend!

  • izzybella
    Post count: 24

    I agree! Love those vests! I def want to make one! @oreoluxieyt. I love the song from Episode 3 so much!!

  • girlpowerisshowing20
    Post count: 117

    I have not seen the full episode of episode 1 so I have only seen half of episode 1

  • oreoluxieyt
    Post count: 69

    @gogirl18 I agree, the songs are awesome.
    @fluffle-bubblez2 I’m 13. Don’t know how that happened, but it did.

  • gogirl18
    Post count: 35

    all are my fave! i like all of them cus each episode has a great song .

  • Anonymous
    Post count: 128

    @oreoluxieyt are you actually 45? Im 13

  • oreoluxieyt
    Post count: 69

    Episode 2 is my personal fave because it’s the night of the school dance! The vests that Ella made for the squad are awesome!!!

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