Best things about winter ❄⛄☕🍜

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  • teryer
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    @harlierose I love the snow and the sweaters and coats

  • annaw25
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    I love hot chocolate and I like staying close to the fire in the fireplace😀🔥☕️❄️

  • cutekawaiipanda103
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    I loove wearing cozy Ugly christmas sweaters and yoga pants, sipping hot coco by the reading a love book just watching the snow fall outside and the neibourhood toddlers making snowmen is just so joyful!

  • lilyloo12
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    Love wearing cozy sweaters and fuzzy slippers sitting around the fireplace eating choco chip cookies 🍪! And drink hot cocoa too! I live in CT so it can get really cold here with lots of snow. I don’t like shoveling! 😩@HarlieRose

  • harlierose
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    The best thing about winter is hot chocolate and soup that makes you feel warm, bulky clothes and frizz-free hair. 😍💖❄
    Share your favorite things about winter.

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