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  • lolanna15
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    Hey, looks don’t matter, as long as your doctor says you’re healthy.

  • bananagirl7
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    Exactly I feel the same way and almost all of my friends are skinny as twigs (I just used a simile) and they always say they are fat it makes me feel down and I fell like a jumbo shrimp burrito from deltaco

  • lolanna15
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    Are you tall? Taller people tend to be bigger, take a quiz to see if you have a healthy BMI( body mass index).

  • liv_carr
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    I used to think my thighs were too big. I started track and it really helped. Also stomach weight comes can come from too much sugar so maybe if you are drinking sugar or eating it maybe try to cut it back. Also don’t feel you have to compare yourself to others.

  • singingbeast3
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    I know! I swear some of the girls at school are as light as feathers while 93 lbs is staring at them like wth how do u do that?

  • xxxlilyxxx
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    I have no suggestions because I am literally the exact same way!!! All of the twigs say stuff like “OMG IM SOOOOO FAT” I am like “gurlllllll” maybe we could talk

    • nyny123456789
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      Omg I hate when skinny people say that like gurl we get it ur skinny

  • taya39333
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    You could try going on YouTube and start doing thigh workouts i guess or maybe start going on Dailey walks or runs

  • robynnnxo
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    Just some little advice if you don’t feel comfortable in your own body maybe do some dieting or maybe try the gym? It’s not always good to look like a twig. Don’t compare yourself to others because no ones the same! Hope this helped❤️❤️

  • moxxo
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    @rosieeverett firstly its never good to look like a twig,💜 so i m sure u r pretty perfect. Also if u really want to reduce ur thighs maybe u should try toning them, join a yoga class, or simple aerobics class. u can even do some steps at home evryday, to keep ur body toned🤗 but also embrace urself and ur body, and neverrr compare urself to twigs😉

  • rosieeverett
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    hey! so recently I’m feeling like my stomach and my theighs are too big. All of the girls at my school are like twigs and I’m like a log. I never enjoy looking at my stomach and saying ur fat. I never where shorts cause my theighs are too big! any suggestions for loosing weight?

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