I feel so fat 😟

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  • radicalrye
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    First off i would like to tell you an interesting fact: all kids go through a stage where they look a bit gangly because they havent grown into their body yet (you may even see this in animals too!) Secondly you need enough body fat to grown up, and if you dont have enough body fat you wont be able to grow taller and you will be unhealthy. Those websites that show your “ideal weight” arent very “ideal” at all because everybody is shaped so differently that it is very hard to tell what your ideal weight should be, so if you are wondering what your ideal weight should be talk to your doctor and your parents as well they can both help with this. HEALTHY exercising can help with being overweight(if thats what you truly think you are) like riding your bike, dancing, running, swimming and yoga. You can also join sports which will help you become more flexible and stong too. But you should never not eat and starve yourself because that will just make things worse. lastly and not leastly you are probably not overweight!!!!!!!! society has a way of making people feel that they should be a certain body shape and weight. But if you feel this way about yourself make sure you have a healthy diet and exercise and you will be good!

  • janessagirl
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    don’t about that you are cute

  • blakeyrakey
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    @skybluesplash don’t compare urself to others… bc there is no ideal body weight and every girls body is different! Do things that make u feel good like going for a walk w headphones on or finding yoga videos online. I also love to dance so I dance in my room which is a good workout. But ur body is going to be changing so much too as u go thru puberty so try to embrace it. Ur perfect and beautiful just the way u are ❤️❤️❤️

  • mahathiu
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    @skybluesplash i am 11 and my weight is 35 kg and my height is 148 too.try a workout or yoga.

  • donut37
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    Also I looked that up too a while back…. except I was reallyyyyyyyyyy underweightband short and small….. but u know sometimes I still felt fat….

  • donut37
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    Honey ur not fat! Ur amazing how God made you! He thought of every little detail about u! Even if your not a Christian…. I challenge you to look in the mirror, say the verse psalm 139:14 “I am fearfully and wonderfully made……” there is more to that verse but that’s the beta part….. so say that while smiling in the mirror. If you think you won’t remember it then write it down and tape it to your mirror…. ❤️😉😘

  • erin_
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    Honestly half of the time those websites are fake and unreliable. If you’re concerned about your health, as long as you’re eating healthy you should be fine since most of them time, your weight doesn’t define your health or the person you are! I’ve been like this myself at one point. Just stay positive about your body!

  • rooftopgurl
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    READ THIS COMMENT! @skybluesplash i promise u that every girl feels like that, even sometimes I do. Here’s one thing, hormones don’t help, and everyone is built differently some people r built twig skinny and others aren’t. U are gorgeous and I haven’t even seen ur face. U r special, talk to people about it and have no worries ❤️

  • moxxo
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    @skybluesplash heyy dont be too hard on yourself. how over weight are you? is it affecting your health and energy levels as well? Try getting in some sport. doesnt matter how bad you are at it, but just join anything that involves excercise. life volleyball, badminton, running etc. are u good with any sport?

  • skybluesplash
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    I need help here. I’m 12 years old, 148 cm tall, almost 45 kg and I feel so fat! I try to go to websites that calculate your ‘ideal weight’ based on your age, height and gender and mine is less than 45 kg. I always feel so worried that I will hit the 45 kg mark and I feel fat enough as I am. I mean, to others I might seem like a small build but well, actually when I look at my belly I just see… well, folds. Please help!! I feel overweight 😖😫😱😰

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