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  • mayab
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    Wait….there are 2 answers! The chef and the maid!

  • hazel5
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    The maid because there arent any corners in a circular home!!! @alwayssmile

  • slimequeen13
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    The chef

  • mayab
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    The chef because it is morning (he just woke up) and he is making lunch. Who makes lunch in the morning?

  • alwayssmile
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    The Smith’s are a wealthy family, they live in a circular home. When Mr. Smith woke up their was a strawberry jelly stain on his new white carpet. He wanted to find out who is lying. The son said he was playing basketball, the daughter said she was playing cards, the maid said she was cleaning the corners of the house, and the chef said he was making lunch. Who is lying.

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