Guess if you’re smart!

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  • mayab
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    Because you don’t knock on your own hotel room but I still don’t get it because he still could of forgotten the key and knocked because his wife was in there or someone was in there

  • hazel5
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    I dont get itt @laraashkar

  • mini-cheercat-2
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    you dont knock on your own hotel door

  • busybea363
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    he knocked on the door??

  • laraashkar
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    exactly!!! well done!

  • harlierose
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    You don’t knock on your own hotel door and the man did.

  • laraashkar
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    A lady was in her hotel room when the door was knocked! When she opened she saw a man standing and said”sorry i thought it was my room” and went towards the elevator. After that the lady directly calls the police! Why was she suspicous?

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