Everyone is getting this wrong!!!

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  • princessmy07
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    Her vision

  • puppykitten234
    Post count: 19

    her sight, she is a blind girl

  • girlygift
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    she lost her sight……I now love riddles

  • emygalixy
    Post count: 82

    her sight

  • cass_mallory-13
    Post count: 70

    Her eye sight 😂😂
    Omgosh!!! I’m now realizing how much I love riddles!!! 😂

  • harlierose
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    Her eye sight

  • addicat70
    Post count: 58

    Her vision

  • sabrinacarpenderfan
    Post count: 31

    Her sight

  • hooloo21
    Post count: 715

    Herb sighting

  • giadatalks
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    Wow most don’t get that sorry for late response correct!

  • lilyloo12
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    Her site.

  • hazel5
    Post count: 2816

    I think she lost her dog @giadatalks

  • cienna
    Post count: 102

    I think she lost her eye sight first

  • giadatalks
    Post count: 244

    A blind girl lost her dog 🐕, her ring and lastly her purse 👜 what does she lose first??

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