A list of riddles

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  • maentdoodle
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    @jlrochester Yes you have them all correct 😉

    @harlierose Nice job! The last answer is ‘darkness’. 🙂

  • harlierose
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    1. Anna is playing chess with Kathy
    2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
    3. Letter ‘E’
    4: Don’t know 🤔

  • jlrochester
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    Anna’s playing chess, to keep the doctor away for a week, the letter E, and darkness

  • maentdoodle
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    1. Jane, Laura, Kathy, Beth, and Anna are sisters. They are in their room. (They share a room) Jane is sleeping, Laura is texting, Kathy is playing chess, and Beth is doing a puzzle. What is Anna doing?

    2. A doctor named James and a janitor named Dan are in love with a woman named Hannah. Dan’s brother is very sick, so Dan will be leaving for a week. Before he leaves, he gives Hannah seven apples. Why?

    3. I am first in Earth and second in heaven. What am I?

    4. When you have a lot of me, you cannot see, and when you have very little of me, you can’t see me. What am I?

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