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  • zwivhuya
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    @sewingwithlailah Whattt!!!!Noooo 1) I love sewing and I will most definitely check it out 2) Getting people to subscribe on YouTube is hard but don’t worry 😊 3) Hard work is the way to go😘Pls don’t give up 💖

  • ambic
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    Hi the early days can be hard but I’d just keep at it, my channel has taken years to grow. Sometimes I can post a video and loose subscribers but eventually that same video can attract more. Once people get to know what you’re about they will stick around. If you can find small channels that are similar to yours you can always start supporting them when they upload, eventually people start supporting back 🙂 Try not to think too much about them being subscribers, although I don’t personally know most of the people following my channel a lot have become friends and even become friends with each other. So don’t quit because having 10 subscribers that are commenting and chatting with you and watching your videos is better than having 10,000 who don’t, try not to worry about numbers 😊 good luck with your channel

  • farzanarahman
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    u have done a great job..keep it up💓💓❤❤

  • lilchild
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    Don’t give up! Be patient.

  • tulipgirlnyc
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    If you love it, you should keep doing it!!

  • sewingwithlailah
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    Hi I just started a YouTube channel called sewing with Lailah but I feel like no one will subscribe unless I beg them to should I just quit?

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