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    This is not adobe so don’t put your convo on advice

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    I haven’t watched some of these in a while, but they’re pretty cool. They’re all kid friendly, at least when I last watched them. I don’t know any from your categories but you might enjoy these:

    Special Books By Special Kids: They do mini documentaries on kids with disabilities
    Ella Fields: She’s a teen movie producer, and some of her films have won awards, she posts her movies on her channel
    Taikamuna: He’s a domino artist that makes art from dominoes
    Extra Credits: They’re a group of people that make really interesting educational videos. My favorite series by them are Extra History and Extra Mythology.
    Moriah Elizabeth: She does DIYs and crafts, and is famous for her Squishy makeovers series.
    Let Me Explain Studios: She’s a really good animator that makes interesting stories.

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    Gaming with Jen (Roblox), Jessii Vee (Conspiracies, I guess, WARNING: she makes vids that have some scary things or stories) That’s basically all I know…

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    Titi games are good for roblox Alisha Marie niki and gabi mamamiamakeup and this does not go with what u said but Paul more ameerah and jeddah

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    hi! im looking for some great YouTube channels. I like things along the lines of vlogging, conspiracies, makeup, Roblox gaming and just kind of things like What I Got for Christmas and things like that. comment below some good channels for me!

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