Yay or nay

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  • galaxygum
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    I’d just let her know that once you guys get out of school none of it will matter, no one at a job interview will care that you were popular in school.

  • madelinegee
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    Just make sure that she doesn’t boss you around

  • hazel5
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    @bananagirl7 looks like she is jealous of you… You arent over weight. She sounds toxic. Talk it out wih her or leave her if she doesnt understand it ❤️❤️

  • bookhugger45
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    Some of the answers here are amazing

  • moxxo
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    @bananagirl7 the next time she tells u ur over weight to wear croptops, tell her that u r also too good to remain friends with her. and then just leave her. i would say keep doing what YOU love. even great friends can become toxic when they start telling u what to do!😠

  • bananagirl7
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    Ok thank you everyone

  • bananagirl7
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    @itsjustyourgirl I think she doesn’t realize because she is just hanging out with the “popular kids”

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    I don’t think you should interact to much with her! She can not tell you what to do! It is a free country! If she ever does that tell your friends 👭! Tell everyone what she is doing! Let’s see if she is embarrassed 😩 if she is she probably knows she is being mean if she is not embarrassed she probably did not recognize that she is being mean to you

  • bananagirl7
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    @queenijustini what grade are you in I am in 7th and there is too much drama

  • queenijustini
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    Why is she saying you can’t wear a crop too and she can? I don’t get that. @bananagirl7

    • bananagirl7
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      It is probably because she thinks I am way to over weight to wear them she also gets embarrassed by me with her new friends now @queenijustini

      • smartygal
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        She doesn’t sound like a good friend if she feels that way. I would think about moving on! @bananagirl7

  • bananagirl7
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    My best friend is getting into the phase where she wants to be popular so she is wearing crop tops and things like that but…… if I want to wear a crop top she says I can’t and we are both on the wider side what should I do ?

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