What to do if your are straight and a lesbian likes you

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  • anaya-coffee
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    tell her you can be friends but you don’t feel the same way

  • kindnesscounts
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    You should tell them that you can be friends, but you don’t LIKE like them.

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    Try to give hints that you are straight!

  • picietiny
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    Tell them u like them as a friend (if you do) or slowly friendzone them. The crush will go away probably

  • ddqueen
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    Just be yourself. Wait to see if they actually like you but while you wait you might want to give tiny hints to the fat. Your straight

  • ddqueen
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    The fact*

  • itzmeops
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    I mean if ur not sure they like u just act normal and just carry on ur normal day.if they come up to u and say they like u then tell them if u like them or not and just explain to them what u feel

    • watermelonbomb
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      Well I think that because she asked to were my coat “because she was cold”

  • watermelonbomb
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    I think a lesbian likes me comment down below what I should do

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