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    Oh my goodness! This is nothing to mess around with! Suicuide is a very serious thing. Something could be going on at her house or just in her life that she’s not telling anyone out of fear that they’ll leave. Suicuide is mostly caused by depression or a hard life. Talk it out with her, ask her some questions. My friend just recently opened up to me about her depression. It helped her a lot and it might help your friend too! Pls tell an adult ASAP!!! I hope everything gets better!💕 If she ever wants to come on misso then she could. We’re all here for her.

  • kayluv
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    you can also tell someone at school. ie the guidence counselor

  • itz_madi21
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    You should talk to her for a while and don’t leave until you convince her and understand why she wants to. Tell her it’s okay to struggle but not to die over it. Also tell her parent(s)/guardian(s) even if she doesn’t want you to. It’s the safest choice! 🙂

  • hazel5
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    What? I fee you should talk it out with her. Tell her parents also to be with her all the time… @unicorng
    She needs all the love, care and attention right now!!

  • moxxo
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    @lolanna15 why whats wrong?

  • lolanna15
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    I thought that we were posting good advice

  • moxxo
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    @unicorng heyy, this must be really disturbing for you I am sure 💜 please talk to a trusted adult. some school counselor maybe? tell her if she wants to vent she can come here and vent as ita a safe space and no one judges. dont leave her side even when she says sshe wants to be left alone. and please tell an understanding adult about this. I am here for u, we all are 💜

  • radicalrye
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    Suicide is not to be messed around with you have to tell an adult a teacher her parents your parents ASAP this is very bad that she is thinking of taking her own life and it means that something is wrong if she thinks like that. you have every right to be scared because it is one of the scariest things ever but you should let her know that the world needs her and talk to her about why she would want to do that but don’t try to handle this alone. It isn’t good for you either to have to hear and deal with this so just get help immediately because it will help both of you always here for you:)

  • wmaple123
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    @tulipgirlnyc I soooo agree!!! @unicorng u really need to tell an adult now! Like NOW!

  • tulipgirlnyc
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    You need to tell an adult immediately!!!! Either a teacher st school or her parents. She needs to get help ASAP if she feels this way and it can’t be up to you to fix it or help her bc it’s above what you can do

  • unicorng
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    so my friend was sick yesterday and she didnt come to.school but she came today and she told.me that she eants to comit suicide and i am worried for.her cause she is.my bestest friend ever in yhe whole wide world and im scared

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