This whole thing has my head spinning… please help

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  • mariyah_cute
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    You should tell him that she’s already dating someone else. You should ask him out! But he seems weird.. no offense though..

  • hazel5
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    You should tell him that she is already dating someone. He seems weird. I think you should try to observe him more because he is supposed to like only one girl at a time… @thicc.sis

  • thicc-sis
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    I sent him the thing I wrote and we talked for a while and he realized that my friend is not into him and then we talked for a while and then I fell asleep and then this morning we were taking but now we’re not but I’m not really sure if we’re together right now or not…

  • thicc-sis
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    My friend is dating another guy, a different one… so I just don’t get why he likes her

  • thicc-sis
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    I typed something in my notes I’m just contemplating on sending it, idk if it’s too much

  • asiadacreativedoggo
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    I say……. ask him! Just say “I am confused about this. Do you want to be with me or her?”

  • itmebrooklyn
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    umm u should still be friends with her it is not her fault he loke her but act like u are supporting her and even though it might be really bad to talk to ur crush still talk to him hes apart of ur life u never know when someone is going to break up hope i helped ur the best!

  • thicc-sis
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    Me and this guy are talking and we both like each other, and he wants to date, but he said he likes another girls, who is like my best friend and she has a bf, so idk what to do…

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