This actually kinda hurt

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    Thank u and I will try to be happy 😊

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    Heyy @B.D.GMQS I am so sorry you have to go through this and I really hope and pray things go fine at your end! Firstly, are you sure your dad was talking about you? If so, then please ask your dad why he said that and tell him how important YOU thought he was to you and tell him it really hurt. He might have a justification right? You don’t have to feel sad about this, it is a tough time I understand but stay strong. I agree though that you should visit your school counsellor or talk it out with one of your FAVORITE teachers who you think will understand you! And be happy please! 🤗❣

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    @B.D.GMQS hey. I am very sorry to hear that. i cant possible imagine how you must be feeling. Adults can be very strange. I am sure your dad loves you however he also loves your step mom.a and since she is new and you are old, he has decided to give her more importance. please dont take this personally. dont let it lower your self-esteem AT ALL. your dad is at fault here not you. You are perfect.💙💕 also i would suggest that you goto a counselor as well. do you have one at school?

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    This actually kind of hurt  So on April 14th I was invited to this acting/modeling thing and I was really excited to go. Me my step-mom and her youngest daughter had went. So it was close to having the one on one meetings but they had said it cost $2000 dollars just to get started so we had left. Then my step-mom called my dad and told him about it (the phone was on speaker but he didn’t know). So he was like “it isn’t worth it she (as in me) isn’t worth $2000 dollars but one of your kids can do it they are worth more than $2000 dollars”I love my dad so much their isn’t even a number for how much I love him but that actually really hurt I have been crying about it ever since he said that. I started thinking like how in the world could u say that about your own daughter. Growing up me and my dad used to be close but as it started getting older they farther we grew apart. Like I want to still go around my dad but tbh I’m thinking about cutting him out of my life. He can he such a jerk to me he never really has good things to say about me and is always putting me down but I don’t really have anyone else.😔😭

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