Stressed out

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  • cawwy1212
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    @katzarecoolz sounds like ur super involved which is awesome but maybe next sesmter u can drop one of the things to give u a little more free time. While ur this busy tho… make lists! I always have to do lists I write down in a notebook (not on my phone ) and it helps me stay organized and on top of things

  • skybluesplash
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    @katzarecoolz Which times of day do you need to attend those clubs? Maybe for the other times, like the times you don’t attend the clubs, you can set aside a little free time. You could try getting a planner our diary of some sort to help with organising your time. Hope that helped! 💙

  • katzarecoolz
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    SO MANY THINGS TO DO! So i’m in 4 clubs and the president of 2 of them and since the 2 clubs i’m president in are community service and school planning I have no free time.. i’m always busy.. Is there anyway that I can organize my time so i have at least a little break.

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