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  • blueoreo11
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    I agree with @drawwithmalik

  • drawwithmalik
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    if the school or your parents aren’t helping, I’d suggest taking it to a higher power such as the board of education of your school or even the police. this is really serious abd requires action to keep you safe

  • kae101
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    Hey guys I just wanted to update you guys. I dmed these girls saying that I was considering legal and options. They later deleted the account and that was it. My friends still don’t believe me when I tell them I was hacked so I guess I’ve lost them all for good. Im really im upset about it but there is nothing I can do. I’m at least glad that the account is gone and it feels like at least some weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I had a group of 14 friends and now I have a group of two. But thanks for the advice, I might try to move schools next year.

  • apexianparzival
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    Just ask the guy to askthose girls to stop

  • singingbeast3
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    Im so sorry,I dont know what to say.

  • annafan_
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    Ohmigod this awful. Call the mean girls and put them on speaker with ur parents. GO TO THE PRINICPAL

  • kae101
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    There was this time where I was arguing with this guy who is a grade lower than me and he called me out in the hallway about the argument. During the whole argument we exchange a total 12 words in the hallway. We text sometimes but then the next day I received an anonymous dm on Instagram from these girls saying that if I don’t stay away from him that they will fight me. At first I thought it was a joke but these girls have sent letters to my house saying that they are “always watching” and they dm me everyday calling me awful names. I later found out that it is a group of 13 girls trying to ruin my life. They have hacked into my discord account and said a ton of mean things my friends to my friends and making it look like it was me who did it. I tried to tell my friends about how I was hacked and they don’t believe me. I told my parents and they think it’s a joke. I told my counselor and principal at school and they think it’s a joke. Now all of my friends hate me and yesterday I found myself really struggling.  I don’t know how much more of this I can take before I just completely break down. Can someone please tell me what i should do? I really didn’t think that having one conversation with a guy that I barely know would lead to such chaos.

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