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  • hazel5
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    Do u like him??? @lynlin

  • hooloo21
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    @lynlin you better roast everyone!

  • lynlin
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    thx guys

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    You should say to his friends please I could find a janitor that is better than him! But that is kinda rude… tell him your not interested in him and he will find his girl one day! @lynlin

  • lynlin
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  • smartygal
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    @lynlin Do you like him? He def sounds like he likes you! If so just be nice and maybe you’ll find him not so annoying. You don’t have to like him romantically. You’re the boss if you so it’s up to you to decide that! 😊

  • lynlin
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    ok so theres this kid in my class who well call josh and he likes me.the problem is i dont like him romanticly or as a friend hes super annoying in class and talks about rly innopropriate things. i usualy end up sitting next to him at lunch becuase all the other seats are taken (i think he saves it for me) and eveeyone thinks were a couple and someone told me that there alway singing that sitting in a tree song. All of his friends call me his girlfriend like “hey joshes girl triend could you hand me the ball” or something and they know my name. he wrote on my “things we like about [ ] person that i was really pretty. sry its so long and for all spelling and grammer errors. hes going to be in my class this year so what do i do and any thing i can say to his friends (btw i roast like everyone)

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