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  • harlierose
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    iPhone 6 or maybe 7 👌

  • hazel5
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    Id day iPhone @thecrazyunicorn

  • teryer
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    I have Blu
    It is like an I phone 5 or six
    It is really cool

  • cutekawaiipanda103
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    I’m 11 and I have a iPhone 6S So prob like a iPhone 6 or 6S my Mom is thinking about giving a iPhone 5S to my 8yr old sister

  • thecrazyunicorn
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    thx any thoughts on the se? XD

  • kawaiineko
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    I have an iPhone 7 plus

  • taya39333
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    iphone 6

  • moxxo
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    I have Vivo! its pretty good, esp for the price it has many iphone type features!

  • wmaple123
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  • brindiboo
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    iPhone 6. I have one of them! @thecrazyunicorn

  • thecrazyunicorn
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    any smartphone suggustions for a tween? just wondering:):p

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