Sick of her

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    Sorry you have to be in this situation. The best thing would to confront Charlie. You don’t have to put up with this behavior. You have to let her know that she should talk about you like that.

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    Before I start just letting you all know these are not the real names of the people Charlie is rude to me. She was on my softball team last year. And we were really really good friends. We always were partners and liked being together. This year she wants nothing to do with me. Next week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are teacher parent conferences at my school so we have half days. A lot of kids walk into town I did last times I do to. One problem Charlie is friends with my other friends. I told Anna what happened and she told me she knows how Charlie can be a little eh and she wants to remain friends with her and she can’t talk to her it’s not fair cuz she said she was never mean to her. So. I want to go to town. But I can’t with her. I’m supposed to have fun I can’t have fun when I am with her. She finds every way to say that what I say I’m rude. She does not talk to me much but when she does it’s always offensive and rude. For example after lunch they put a wipe on the table and we wipe it clean for the next grade to eat. I was cleaning the table well they finished eating and I could not reach and we were smushed and it would be hard for me to get over. So I asked Kayla to clean the rest she said yes. Charlie screamed in a rude voice get up and walk. When we were walking to town Charlie said I have to talk to Anna private I said okay. So I left them alone. I later asked Anna what she said she said I can’t say it will hurt ur feelings. Then my other friends were in Starbucks well I was. I was talking to Gloria and kaycee was talking to Charlie and kaycee later told me that charlie said to take me with her. She did not want to me to walk with them. Kaycee later walked around with me and rescued me from her. Help. I’m sorry it’s so long if I let anything out it would not make sense

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