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  • emitige102
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    You should it’s really fun you can look at memes and cute stuff it’s not just about models.

  • jlrochester
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    Yep I love Instagram and I suggest getting a private account so only you can allow people to follow you that you know

  • kindnesscounts
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    I have insta

  • kindnesscounts
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    how old r u?

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    My mom hates social media that involves showing your face! Always ask your guardians! And it depends on our age…

  • sabinemarussia
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    I would say yes! Although I’m 11, my dad manages my account. It can be used in a very positive and fun way. My account is filled with positive vibes and brands like Justice that I love. Make Sure you get your parents permission. 

  • tayjaimakeup
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    Yes for sure!

  • picietiny
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    Depends on your age

  • mariamrocks
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    UGH……yah I am obsessed with instagram

    • emilyswayyt
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      That’s not a good thing lol 😂

  • pastelkitten
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    It’s a good time waster. If you get it keep in mind EVERY picture you see on there is edited, it’s the point of the app, to look perfect, not realistic. I know a lot of girls who started hating themselves because they start comparing themselves to the women on there, not realizing that in real life those women are just as imperfect as they are. Keep an eye out for blurry waists and warped lines in the background, it helps you learn to spot Photoshop! Videos can edit bodies, too, there’s apps for it.

  • eduzka06
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    yea sure it’s fun but ut depends on ur age😊

  • cienna
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    I’m 14 I have Instagram I just use it to see ya what my friends and celebrities are up too.

  • hazel5
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    Its boring. U just upload pictures and all. I had it @katelynsavage but then i dont use it because its too old for my age

  • ellaharper01
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    It depends how old you are because Instagram is not much of a safe site for kids.

  • katelynsavage
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    Should I get instagram

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