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  • taya39333
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    Breathe and maybe litsen to music🎶🎵🎵🎶 or do what ou love to do

  • rooftopgurl
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    Ok, also try to distract. Maybe there is a reason u don’t like arguing. Do deep breaths and do things like trying to find a 10 blue things in the area, or recite the lyrics if ur favorite song, maybe even backwards! It really helps for me

  • donut37
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    I have ADHD and OCD and anxiety as well! I have to take medicine for all of them. My anxiety is very severe. And when ppl fight or even I fight my heart rate increases and I feel dizzy.

  • sugargirl777
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    I have the same problem

  • giadatalks
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    I have adhd and ocd and aniexty! try to walk away and do something else

  • hazel5
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    I think its very normal as alot of girls fee that way! And its good that you are doing something about it and atleast seeking help from a therapist ❤️ @uni_isweird
    I also have panic attacks at times but not so common. Will see a psychologist soon too!

  • uni_isweird
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  • rooftopgurl
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    Do u see a therapist?

  • uni_isweird
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    I have ADHD and OCD and I have anxiety a lot. Sometimes when two people are having fights I get very anxious about it and start breathing heavily. Im like the dumb version of JoJo Siwa. Any help?

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