Prank Problem

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  • emmaisasweetpotoa
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    I feel bad for you. Hope you’re friends are being nice to you! If there not you can make friends here !

  • hazel5
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    Hi @dashagurl so glad you shared it with us. As long as you realise it and as long as you feel guilty, i dont think you should feel bad about it anymore. I think yes the prank went far but its okay. Act mature and normal about it. It can happen with anyone, don’t blame or doubt your intentions. You are strong and a great person ❤️❤️

  • queen_teenwolf
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    That really sounds like it sucks. But hey if I know anything it’s that when the world turns its back on you turn it around again. If you do nothing about it will only get worse. Most of the time when stuff like this happens to me I find a time to talk with a few people and tell them my side of the story. Some will believe you and some won’t but your TRUE story will spread. Even if it takes time I know you’ll feel better soon. -loves 💕

  • bookhugger45
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    Oh my that’s sad but don’t get to worked up about it 1st of all you didn’t do much and 2nd of all it’s all in the past now @dashagurl

  • dashagurl
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    Hey girls! *tries to be cheerful*
    Something happened recently with my friends that really makes me want to cry and makes my heart ache when I think about it. I won’t explain everything as that would take too long. Basically, my friend wanted to pretend that someone hacked his Funimate account to prank everyone else. I knew it had to be a prank so I FaceTimed him and his sister. They admitted that it was a prank. I barely even helped in the prank. But when my friend went too far, ( everyone else was overreacting so much that it was ridiculous) and something terrible happened, I felt horrible and decided to tell everyone it was a prank. Because I’m the one that apologized, everyone was VERY angry at me. Some sweared at me. One of the ones that were the most angry goes to my homeschool group that’s on Tuesdays. I think we are friends again, but I’m a little nervous. What if he’s still really mad? Also, I was accused a lot for things I didn’t do, and it wasn’t fair for me. (If you are still reading, thank you!) I was so depressed because I thought my friends hated me. My friend and I left Funimate and we both want to (kinda) cry when we talk about it. That day I had no one to talk to about what happened and I had to bottle my feelings all inside. It’s a horrible feeling you have when everyone’s mad at you and won’t listen and let you explain. I finally got to talk to my best friend about it. Now at night that’s what I think about and get all depressed about it. I just don’t really know what to do. A little prank went too far and turned into a big mess. I’m blaming myself for it too. Thanks for reading. I have a lot more to say about what happened, but I won’t. Thanks again!

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