Please help me

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  • lexiahayden
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    I think that it’s okay to still hang out and talk with her. Just make sure you have other friends too so if something happens with you and her you have them 😄

  • bookhugger45
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    I have the same problem so I just stay with my truthful friends until comes over and we hang out just us if that makes sense

  • xfrenchiefriesx
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    She probably just wants you to be her friend, and only hers. Try to tell her you dont like it when she is mean to your other friends. She cant be your only friend. If she cant accept that, then she isnt a good friend. Thats ok! You will meet lots of other awesome people.

  • happyllama55
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    Hi so I have this friend but she is pretty complicated. She’s nice when it’s just me and her, mean when we play as a group, she sometimes doesn’t care about me and my friends, and can be rude but she is a awesome friend to hangout with. What should I do?

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