Period talk

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  • pearljosling
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    Everyone is different, including our bodies. Some people start at different times. You will have them but not right this second.

  • cawwy1212
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    @girlboss eveeyone starts at different times so dont stress!!! i didnt get mine until 14

  • donut37
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    Listen I’m 13 and I’m the same way. You don’t need to worry until your 15. Ik it doesn’t feel great tho. But just think your lucky. It’s not a fun experience.

  • demend_firewolgirl
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    No that’s normal he get it when he 14 13

  • jayjaycute
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    It’s perfectly normal and you don’t have to deal with cramps and blood and mood swings and so on. I miss not having mines :(.

  • emily_world123
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    It’s normal to not start until your 13, my mom and sister started at 13. Plus you get cramps and stomach aches…

  • valerie_6
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    No people get them at different times

  • princessnaeeee
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    It’s normal to not have your period yet. I have a friend just like you. You’re actually kinda lucky because periods suck!

  • rooftopgurl
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    Some people are late bloomers, some are earl y bloomers. Nothing is bad or good right or wrong it’s just how their body works 😘

  • Anonymous
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    @GirlBossgi yes I agree with @hazel5 Enjoy your days!

  • hazel5
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    No @girlboss thats very normal. My friend got it when she was 16. So relax and enjoy the tension free days 🧡

  • girlboss
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    I havent started my.period yet and im almost 13. All of my friends have started theirs. Is it bad that i havent? why havent i started?

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