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    you can’t stop the bleeding it will bleed for 3-7 days.if it bleeds more than that,you have to see a doc.carry a pad or tampon.i wear pads ….i had cramps for 6 months and discharge (a white stuff in underwear) for one year before i got it….but some girls don’t get discharge but have other symptoms as pimples,oily face,growth sput etc .i had all of it actually .tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome when wore more than 4 hours but pad does not cause any illness.So i recommend pads more

    • pastelkitten
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      Followup to this post, you don’t have to see a doctor if it bleeds more than seven days, every girl’s “normal” is different! You should see a doctor if you bleed differently than you usually do, but you won’t have a “usual” for the first months (or first year for some).
      Also toxic shock syndrome is SUPER rare, like 1% chance rare, it happens if the tampon gets gross and usually only happens if you leave it in for days, they say four to eight hours just in case. If you choose to wear one, don’t wear it more than eight hours/how long you sleep, to be safe. Toxic shock syndrome can kill, so it’s okay to not want to take the chance at all!

      Also they make super cute face masks made just for preventing and treating period acne and controlling oil, you could check them out 😊

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    Don’t be afraid, periods aren’t scary 😊 they’re just very annoying lol

    Carry some pads/tampons/a Diva Cup with you to school. Most schools have some at the nurse’s office, too. There’s also underwear made specifically for periods if you find any of the usual things uncomfortable. To stop the bleeding, all period products come with instructions in the box, just in case it’s someone’s first time. I’m not sure about pads or Diva Cups since I’ve never used them, but tampons also come with pictures so it’s really easy to understand. Try Midol or chocolate for the cramps and you might want to get a reallyyyy comfy bra if you wear one that hurts on your period, the bleeding is honestly the least bad thing about periods, you get used to that part quickly. Good luck! ✌🏻

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    Oh my god same! Everyone had boobs and periods etc including all my bffs. One of them is super sporty not girly etc and doesn’t care, I wish I could have a chest like hers because it’s so annoying. Period tips for when I get it? Also does it hurt??

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      Um I’m just like u in this state I haven’t really hit puberty so I hope soon someone with more experience can help us

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    you’ll have to let your body go through the cycle naturally. the bleed will happen for up to 7 days (typically).  thats normal and it wont be a lot of blood that will come. dont worry. you can do it

  • sparkelycorgicorns
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    So I’m still waiting on my period and I’m afraid it will happen at school so I have a period kit just in case but when I get it how do I stop the bleeding?

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