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  • erin_
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    Maybe on Wattpad and ask your readers to review and comment edits, then start publishing after you edit. If you’re done with editing, go online and search publishers name and the words ‘scam’ or ‘fake’ to try and see if they’re a fraud, because I know cases of those happening. Hope this helps!

  • smartygal
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    You can self publish with Amazon. Look into that. Kind of interesting. Don’t worry what others think. It’s your book 📚 @katzarecoolz

  • hazel5
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    Hey no! @katzarecoolz Nobody is going to make fun of you. If you wish to, you can also send in the story on this website! And they can put it up. Ive read many stories by girls here!!

    you have to be confident and not be scared of comments from people because thats what they r good at. So ignore everyone because i am sure you have written a really amazing story!! ❤️

  • katzarecoolz
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    So i was thinking about publishing my book online but i don’t know where and i think that people who read it wont like it or will make fun of me… what should I do

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