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  • lexiahayden
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    Make sure you make a strong friend😄 If you are in a group of friends try to find one or two that you can really trust!

  • cupcakequeen2018847
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    Same, in fourth my bff ditched me, ( she’s a jerk ) and a stuck girl is coming BACK to school in fifth, so I’m nervous. I think just be yourself, and everything will be fine.

  • happyllama55
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    Same I’m going into 5th grade. I experienced a lot of drama in 4th grade. If you do end up in drama try to get away from the people who is in the drama until they stop or if you are in it finding a way to solve it will get rid of it fast! Another tip don’t gossip that’s how you get in trouble.

  • wmaple123
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    Umm…. be prepared for 6th grade? Umm sorry I can’t really think of anything but stuck to a smallish friend group of nondramatic people. (Unlike one of my friends…) if u r bullied then just ignore them (I think of things to say back lol. So if they say “you suck!” I would say back “so does your attitude!”) lol I think that I like the worst advice anyone can give

  • moxxo
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    @nya2007 its difficult to not get in ANY drama, :p lol but honestly i would suggest u ome great advice. dont gossip about others to others. once u get into the middle of this gossip, u become a victim too and that drama gets too hard to manage. 🙂😬💜

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    I’m going to fifth grade too! I’m excited 😆 but kind of nervous 😬 at the sometime! I’ll just say do what you love ❤️ don’t get involved into too much drama and stick with your friends! Good luck

  • rio10
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    I’m also going in to fifth grade

  • anaya-coffee
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    i’m going in fifth grade too so idk 🙁

  • kindnesscounts
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    I’m going to fifth grade, too!!!!!!!

  • braceface_babe
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    im going to sixth grade my advice is to stay in one friend group bc they will start saying that u had something to say about and stuff and keep a small friend group 3-8ppl so you can get to know them really well bc if u have a giant friend group u won’t know them well and they can start talking about u and also im gonna souns like a big sis but when u also have a small friend group you can also focus on school and also make a good impression on the teacher so they will never suspect u of doing something bad good luck

  • queen_teenwolf
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    Hey, I’m going to fifth grade too! I would say you should be the nice person everyone wants to be friends with. If drama starts tell them you don’t have time and go find another friend group. Iv’e been in many of theses situations an wish I had done that. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Walk away.

    • thegirlthatisbeautiful
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      Im going to 5th grade hoping to make some friends and have a clean slate. Any ideas?

  • nya2007
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    So next year I am going to 5th grade and I am very nervous 😬 do y’all have any advice on how not to get in drama and anything else

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