Need some help girls

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    Say hi to some of “the less popular girls” and notice what they seem to like and start talking about that’s! Wear the clothes you want, but if you want to branch out (which I suggest) then ask ur mom or dad or whoever is ur legal guardian to take u to the mall and go into Hollister or something and pick out a shirt. Wear it at home. Maybe u will like it. If you have a older sister or brother ask them to come along to, to help you pick out the clothes! Talk to a counselor of u need to no need to be embarrassed. I wish I was at ur school I would hang out with u! Stay strong. Sorry it’s so long ❤️

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    Hey! I have a friend who is 14 and likes to dress like that too. It’s your personality and who you are that is important. Try to ignore people when they stare. Try to make friends. Be friendly. Is there another girl that usually is sitting alone during lunch? You could go sit with her and start a conversation. If people don’t come to you, you go to them and say “hi”. Hello is the first word that starts a friendship. If people are rude and don’t want to be your friend, it’s their loss and will miss out because they won’t get to see what a great person you are and what’s in the inside. Keep trying to make friends. I hope this helps! @uni_isweird

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    And I have similar problems w being anxious at school

  • rooftopgurl
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    I feel the same way!! Girls at my school wear off the shoulder tops and stuff and I wear like cheesy justice sweatshirts with patterned leggings. Try to branch out and make friends but if not and ur too nervous rn we’re here!!!

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    Recently, I’ve been started getting more and more stressed out because I’m in public school now. I don’t what it’s like a lot because I’m in middle school. I will start as a Freshmen next year and im like the most immature girl EVER. When I post a picture on IG I Always get hate comments from ppl. I have autism and can’t talk to people very well. I don’t have any friends and I don’t like people when they stare at me. Because I’m literally sitting down at the caféteria eating my lunch alone wearing a hot pink unicorn hoodie and galaxy leggings and what are the other girls wearing? Adidas, supreme, Versace and Nike just chit chatting about boys and homework going on their phones checking their Snapchat. I’m all alone got no friends amd a immature girl. It’s like I’m 5 on the outside and 13 on the inside. 😔

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