My. Summer. Is. Ruined.

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  • moxxo
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    @giadatalks u cant stop ur periods permnently it ll cause lot of health problems. also their is a mentrtual cup too other than tampons. try using that. it might work?

  • moxxo
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    @giadatalks otherwise its ok, have fun without being in the pool, just dip ur toes in on sth and read a book!

  • caticorn
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    I haven’t had my period yet but my grandmother’s a nurse and she said that your period won’t happen when you’re in the pool.

  • emilee__
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    if your flow isn’t heavy, and you don’t like using tampons (like me:P) i just recommend thinner pads🤷🏻‍♀️ that’s actually worked for me when i went on my school pool party so i was kinda scared considering there were lots of boys😂😬 just make sure to get out of the pool quick!:)

  • katelynsavage
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    It haven’t had my period yet and I think you have to just relax and enjoy the outside

  • giadatalks
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    So I can’t swim for 3 weeks this summer, dang. I hate tampons. My summer is ruined, and I’m so worried cuz my period is late and I go swim at a community pool and I’m so worried I will get it in the water. My mom said yesterday to wear like these underwear that like can’t leak, under the bathing suit. How can I stop them permanently? (I’m 12)

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