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    me to! everybody told me to get YouTube…but I don’t know I guess start there

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    @emdelhaas I also make movies and want to be a director! The road to the big screen is a long ride, but to start getting noticed try to start a Youtube channel. Many people are exposed to YouTube, so they are going to see your movies. If you have film festivals/contests in your area, you could also enter those in to get your work out there more. I hope this helped! Also, if you do make a channel, I would totally like to know so I can see your work! I bet it’s amazing 😉

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    Oosh… Movie making takes time and practice. I use iMovie and I’m looking into Splice. What are you using to make movies? I’ll help you.

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    I always make movies and what to be a director/screen writer and make my own movie business. How do I get people to see my movies and get it onto the big screen ? Any suggestions?

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