Little Sister Problems


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    Hi this is sad but don’t worry I go through this situation almost everyday! She is in grade 5 and what grade are you in? Because she is behaving really immature [because she is in grade 5 ofcourse] . You being the elder sister should ignore her mischief and infact try to befriend her. Tell her that its wrong.
    And maybe talk to your mom about it.

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    I mean as you get older and become a teen parents usually become stricter. So maybe because your sister is only young and is still trying to understand things they won’t be as strict my advice is be honest to your parents or try your best to change a little like try your best to be well behaved or to get good grades xx

  • tumblrqueen
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    Ok thank you so much for the help and I will try all of those things.

    • princessslay2
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      Glad I could help! let me know if any of those things works.

  • tumblrqueen
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    Ok so I did every you thing you said I should do but nothing worked.

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      Dear wolfy4ever,
      Even though it may be hard, it’s always worth it to be nice to your little sister. It may not seem like it now but your relationship with her is one of the most important relationships in your life. Try to become her friend by talking with her a lot and treating her with respect. Spend time with her whenever you can. Help her with homework and go to the park. If you start to argue, find a way to stop the argument by staying calm. Put yourself in her shoes. Many of us are frustrated by younger siblings, especially when they’re being mean or annoying. The first step to fixing this frustration is putting yourself in her shoes. The more you relate to her, the easier it is to be nice to her. For example, does she look up to you?Many younger sisters idolize their older siblings. How old is she? Were you a lot like her when you were that age? Think about the things that frustrate or anger her. Do they also frustrate you? Talk with her often. Show an interest in her life. This tells her that you care about her experiences and thoughts. Ask her about her day and listen to her answer. ”Who are your best friends at school? What do you guys do together? ”What do you like to do after school?”

      Try those things. Really hope I helped!

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    Maybe you can be nice to your sister for 2 days then stop. See how she reacts. Then if that don’t work, be mean right back to her.

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    @batgirl4ever I get it I have a 4 year old sister who drives me crazy ? but maybe if you tried spending time with your sister more often me and my mom play with my 4 year old sister every day and i know a little sister in 5th grade is different but all little siblings look up to their older siblings they want to be like you and want things there way, are you 13 if you are you should talk things out change the subject from bad to good ? if your parents see you guys getting a long they may not ground you as much anymore and explain to your parents
    My sister is blaming things on me and I want it to stop ✋ can you talk to her and understand I’m behaving if this doesn’t work try cheering her up asking what is wrong and also ask to spend time with your sister and ask to have family time in general and your parents will see you guys can get a long trust me as you grow up siblings always become friends my dad has a sister who annoyed him at the beginning but they became friends in adult hood so just try to get a long with your sister

  • tumblrqueen
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    @batgirl4ever okay firstly consider the fact that they might not really be favoring your little sister. maybe they relate to your sister differently. also since you are the elder one usually all hopes and set standards are applied to the eldest sibling so that the younger ones could make an example out of them. its unfair but thats how parents generally see it as.
    Also Don’t blame yourself or your siblings. Jealousy makes it hard to avoid blaming your siblings, and anger can make it had for you to avoid blaming yourself. However, blame does not fix this problem, and tends to make you focus too much on anger you may feel. moreover work for YOURSELF and not your parents. Avoid seeking their approval for everything, and have pride in yourself. This will help you have higher self esteem.
    try talking to your parents calmly about how you feel, if they dont understand then just vent it out here or keep a private journal. become more independent and try spending your rest of the time in a more supportive and friendly environment like your close friend, cousin etc.
    parents generally do what they think they feel is best for their child. they may not always be right, but they are in a way always looking out for their child in a strange way. weather we like it or not.

  • tumblrqueen
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    I have a little sister and she is really annoying. She always gets what she wants. She never gets grounded but I do. She is in 5 grade and she gets F’s and doesn’t get grounded. But when I get an F I get grounded. Then she lies to my parents about things I don’t do and I get in trouble. But when I talk to my parents about what she does they say I am being a liar. All I do at my house is get in trouble. I do everything right but I am still in trouble. What do I do?

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