Life sucks

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  • hedgehogsrule
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    Don’t worry! I feel you. Life can be crazy! Just try your best and take a few deep breaths every time your stressed. If you still are under the weather ask your dad for tips!

  • smartygal
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    Is your dad around? Is he in your life? If so, talk to him. If not is there another family member you can trust to share with them what’s going on? There is no such thing as perfect grades. I’m sure you are working hard but getting straight A’s as important as it seems,is not the only thing that your mom can be proud of. Trying hard, being a good person, and being responsible are also important. Def talk someone you can count on and get there advice. Hopes this helps! @queenisabella602

  • sarahandkimi
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    Don’t stress. Try your best, though. Some tips for school is try to get grammarly (it really helps) and use study halls if you have them. If you are struggling get help. Whether it is YouTube or a friend or a teacher. Try your best and but in effort. (For grades) Bless!

  • horses77
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    Tell her that. Tell her your tired of what she’s putting u through. She probably doesn’t want you to end up like she did (getting drunk every weekend) but she’s supposedly be your example; as a mom. Tell your you sick of her going out every week and your tired of never being good enough. God Bless

  • queenisabella602
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    The thing is I am struggling my mom what’s perfect grades she thinks c’s and b’s aren’t exeptible she’s never proud of me and when I try my best it’s not even or when I make a friends I have to move or I get a dog or pay for my own dog and give it away I really really really hate my life and I have no idea of what to do anymore and every weekend my mom gets drunk and I am tired of it

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