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    Can we be pen pals? @radicalrye

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    @meganstorms hi im your new pen pal! How it works is i write something(well type) and you type back! This first letter will be talking about me and asking questions about you, i will not be putting what state i live in and how old i am because i dont like to give out personal information on the internet but dont be offended by this:) Lets begin! I live in the U.S.A what country do you live in? I know some Japanese Spanish and French do you know any languages? I am the middle child(peacemaker and rule breaker lol) and i have 3 pets 1 dog (his name is Yoda because he looks like Yoda from Star wars he is a puggle pug beagle mix and he is 4 years old) Do you have any pets? My favorite color is orange whats yours? My favorite food is pasta or waffles whats yours? My favorite animal is a cat, but i absolutely love all animals:) What is your favorite animal? I also have had pet cats and fostered cats as well have you fostered any animals before? I have been homeschooled for 4 years, what kind of school do you go to? My favorite subjects are art and science what’s yours? I use to do dancing but ive taken a break from it, i was even in the Moscow ballet nutcracker! do you take dancing and have you ever been in a Nutcracker? I am starting Judo very soon and in the spring i will be trying out for softball and basketball and i might start swimming too do you play any sports? My hobbies include always crafting, writting, playing board games, acting, playing with American Girl dolls and pen paling what are your hobbies? I also am a missoandfriends ambassador and a Justice Girls With Heart amabassor meaning i live the Justice values(smart active positive together connected and creative) And get a box from the clothing store Justice every month filled with items to live justice. I also create videos and diys for them to encourage other girls to live justice as well. As a missoandfriends ambassador i have to give advice on the Girl 2 Girl wall. Are you an ambassador for any places/companies? I also have a service project called kitties for kids where i help shelter cats in need. Im also starting another one where i make my own erasers sell them and donate the money to places that end hunger. Do you have any service projects? What is your hair color? Mine is red blonde. How about your eyes mine are blue gray. What other things do you like to do i also love to do my hair, science projects, sing, give speeches and travel. Have you ever been to a different country? I have not but i really hope to go to Japan soon. What are some interesting facts about yourself? I am related to Helen Keller and one of my ancestors signed the U.S. Constitution. I also use to model when i was really young. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a woman’s rights activist, actress, firefighter, C.S.I chef author pet parent and judo master:) And there you have it me! Also my name is riley what’s yours? Type back soon!@Meganstorms

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