Late (sunday when I’m posting this)

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  • mahathiu
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    hey! i should get mine one April 15…so,wear a pad and to to be safe

  • hazel5
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    Yeah just to be on the safe side wear a pad! @giadatalks its okay for periods to be late, it’s normal ❤️😘

  • lemonlime207
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    Yeah, it might be a good idea to wear one just in case. It’s expected for a lot of apps to be off by a long shot, let alone a few days. You’ll probably get it soon though, if you were expecting it anyways.

  • smartgirlsslay
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    It’s okay If you have a period tracker some of the period trackers are wrong and you may just have your period for the next day or two

  • giadatalks
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    I was supposed to get my period yesterday (saturday) it’s Sunday I still don’t have it. Should I wear a pad to school. The only reason why I’m worried is I have gym and I have to run the mile please help

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