late bloomer

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  • mahathiu
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    thx @skybluesplash i thought only i am like that.

  • skybluesplash
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    @mahathiu I was kind-of in the same situation- I got some signs over a year ago and I got my period this year and I’m 12. Each girl is different so some might get their periods early or late. It depends on your body! Don’t worry about it. 💛

  • mahathiu
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    Thank you all😄😄

  • hazel5
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    I agree with @alwayssmile, @mahathiu! Shes right ❤️

  • alwayssmile
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    No the normal range for periods is 8-17 AND a lot of girls and I mean A LOT get signs before their period. Don’t worry

  • rooftopgurl
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    Same same same same no it doesn’t, some girls get signs years before before period ❤️

  • pearljosling
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    Well actually, a lot of girls start their developments before their periods. I certainly did. But others can also get their periods before their developments. It happens at different times for girls as our bodies are different from each other’s. The common age to start periods is 13.

  • dayanna23
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    Hi @mahathiu, I’m Dayana and I’m 14. When I first got my period I was 11 and just in my party turning 12 at midnight is when I got it. But it all depends on the persons body and how is treated. Don’t be scared you’re not late. If you need any more advices I’m here to help you out

  • taya39333
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    Most people usually get them around age 12-15 your not late if you got it now you’d probably be early but u can get them as early as 10

  • mahathiu
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    sooo…i am 11 and i havent got my period yet but i have developments since a year.does thaat mean i am a late bloomer?

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