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  • christinem
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    @moxxo  @hazel5

    Well, most people around our age get a job for the sole purpose of a paycheck. Then, as you start getting older, you pick a career that revolves around your passion and interests. You may have to do some extra schooling to achieve that career. It’d be nice to find a job that you’re also interested in as well. 

    I once worked at JcPenney as a Sales Associate over the summer. The pay was decent and the discount they gave me was amazing! Retail offers a very stressful working environment, but I really did love interacting with all the customers. JcPenney gave me some hard times, but also fun ones as well. 

    For those of you looking for a job, like @christineshenyt,
    Never give up! Apply for a position at stores, restaurants, flower shops, car washes, etc. I agree with what @drawwithmalik said. Take any opportunity you can. If McDonald’s or Burger King offers you a job, then you better take it. It’s honestly not a bad start for a job. These fast-food corporations even give away scholarships to some of their employees. I wish you all the best of luck <3

  • moxxo
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    @christinem well do u want a job to pursue ur interests? or do you want a job that gives u money?

  • christineshenyt
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    This is a good question. I’m look for a job ATM. Not actively but I want one.

  • hazel5
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    Maybe search for them on google? @christinem what are your interests?

  • Anonymous
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    @christinem What do you mean exactly? The comment makes sense but then it doesn’t.

    • christinem
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      I was just asking everyone if they had any tips on job-hunting.

  • drawwithmalik
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    Most people get discouraged by a reject or silence when it comes to finding work. That trips then up a lot. My advice is to take every opportunity you see. No one wants to work at McDonalds but its a really good start.

  • christinem
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    MissOandFriends have a lot of pre-teens and teens as visitors. Most of those in that age group try to work part-time jobs. Are any of you all currently employed? Do any of you guys have any tips on how to land a job for our fellow job-seekers?

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