Invasion of Privacy

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  • mimzzz
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    heyyy i didn’t put anything at all on my tbh that was mean but she hated the fact I did it at all x

  • hazel5
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    Hi @mimzzz thats really sad and I know it can be annoying but the best solution to this is talking it out with your mom. Tell her you want to be on Instagram and tell her you did not do anything wrong. Dont say it rn, say it after a few days when she has cooled down and is ready to listen. Also do you have an elder sibling?

  • moxxo
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    @mimzzz hii,how old are you? and yes even i am wondering what did u put on ur tbh which made ur mom soo angry? 🤔

  • girlintrouble
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    Sorry but what did you put on your story? Rate tbh? Other than that, completely understand. My mum recently asked for my password and regularly reads my messages. She reads my diary, roots through my schoolbag etc. It’s horrible. She nags me about anything she finds, it’s awful. I share a room and she gives me no privacy with changing etc. Privacy 0%. Any advice also!!

  • sunflower_z
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    i have the same problem but my mom uninstalled the app and deleted my account, i asked her why and she responded similarly so i let it go for a few days and we talked it out, she told me why she was angry about SM And i just try not to over share aswell, remember to tell your mom your feelings!

    • mimzzz
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      i told her how i felt and she got mad and said until i’m 18 she can do what she wants cause she’s my mother and now she’s probably going to take it away as soon as we get home :/

  • mimzzz
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    So basically my mum has access to my phone and can grab it whenever she wants to see what i am doing. It’s a huge invasion of privacy but I don’t stop it because if i don’t let her have my phone she says she will take it away for good. So basically i have instagram, and last night I did a tbh rate thing. I was rlly nice to everyone, but my mum wasn’t having it and snatched away my phone, and she was rlly mad and screamed at me. The next morning I went to check my phone and the stories were all deleted. I asked her why she deleted them and she said they timed out, but i knew that wasn’t true, because there was a photo on my story i had taken way before i put the rate tbh thing up and that was still there. When I called her out she started screaming at me that it was my own fault. Then i checked my profile, and I had 100 less followers then yesterday. I got really annoyed and asked her about it and she saud it was a punishment for putting the thing on my story. I got really really mad because hats not here place to delete 100 of my followers and now I have 250 only, which is very little compared to everyone else my age. She deleted some of my close friends too from following me and I’m so annoyed. It’s going to take ages to get them back!! She said if i do anything about it like change my passcode she will take away my phone. I’m so angry, what do i do?

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