Im very worried and I want to help her!

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  • ryleecat337
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    Tell her parents it’s the best thing you can do, she might be mad at you but in the end you’re only trying to help her. Don’t get too involve, I know she’s your friend and you want to help her, but these are her problems and you can’t deal with them for her. I know what your friend is going through and I hope she finds the help she needs. ❤️

  • lucija12
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    you should get her support tell her that you will always be on her side and try talking to her about her problems so maybe she will be a little bit happier

  • hooloo21
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    You need to be there for her! Tell her to stop and that tomorrow is always a bright new day. Make her her again.

  • drawwithmalik
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    the best thing to do is be there for her. though there is something I have to mention! if she starts doing the unthinkable, you should seek help for her. I’ve done unspeakable things to myself when i was young and it only sent me down a rabbit hole because no one intervene and got me help.

  • moxxo
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    @blueoreo11 that paragraph is so heart breaking. please tell ger we are here for her, and we ll support her, tell her to come here and write out her feelings here if it helps to share, we wont judge. this is a safe space for anyone to let out anything. it really does help to write and vent out feelings. 💜

  • j04n4
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    I don’t really have the best advice but stay with her and don’t let her be sad… Tell a close friend that you both trust to help.
    What I mean is…. MAKE HER LAUGH AND SMILE!! Just don’t leave her alone. She needs someone by her side these times… I don’t know if what I said is good or will help but I really hope it helps.. even if it does just a little bit. Hope she feels better and hope you feel always good!!♥️

  • emil07
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    tell your parnets they will help

  • hedgehogsrule
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    That is so sad I hope she is ok. BTW I friended you. Maybe you should talk to your parents bout it. I hope your ok too.

  • blueoreo11
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    She wrote out a paragraph of how she felt, but she only sent it to me. She said it felt like when she tried to say everything, her voice was gone, like she couldn’t talk.
    So she wrote me this. . .

    “@moxxo thanks, I’m trying to convince her to at least talk to her parents

    She sent me this paragraph today because she said she wanted to tell me but she didn’t know how to speak it. I told her that she could just write a paragraph if that would help, and that’s what she did….

    .Do you ever get the feeling your being eaten alive, not physically, mentally?
    By your demons? They’re infecting your body.? They won’t let you speak truth? You say your fine but your really lying, you want to tell someone your not fine but you can’t? This is what’s bothering me most. It’s also the fact that they can’t even just ask if I’m okay, I go mute for a day and hide away and nobody suspects a thing. I look depressed and sad and nobody even cares. Like you have no one. But there is always someone, they just don’t let you see them. This is really helping to write it out and know then I might get some help with my “mental issues” I guess you could call it that or “mentally depressed” I don’t really know. This is the deepest part of my depression that I could never tell anyone, it’s like my demons won’t let me. By demons I mean, mental demons and insecurities. I’m basically blurry-faced; I’m not talking about twenty one pilots things blurry-faced is a real emotion. I’ve only been typing this for a minute or two, but it’s getting so long. Well anyway, it’s like I’m being held back by chains and ropes, like I can’t run away, and I’m always held back from the truth and happiness. It’s like I’m just poured into a big pit of fake and darkness. When I ever try to tell someone, anything, I either get cut off or the don’t care and then change the subject. Like I’m never aloud to say what I want to, and everyone else is. It’s like I’m emotionless, it’s only physical pain I could cry about, never sadness, never happiness. I’m finally getting my emotions somewhat back. I really hope this helps.”

    I don’t know what to do, I’ve never felt this before, I really do want to help her though

  • hazel5
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    Thats so sad and disturbing :(( i hope u figure out why she has been upset @blueoreo11

  • blueoreo11
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    @hazel5 @smartygal @moxxo her mom doesn’t know about her depression but she has asked if she wants counselor because she’s been so distant. We’re both homeschooled and she comes to my house every week. She just sent me a long deep paragraph on how she feels, considering that she’s only 11 it made me want to help her even more, the paragraph was so deep and sad, I honestly could have never wrote anything like it.

  • hazel5
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    Do you have a Counselor in your school? Maybe you can talk to her or your teacher, she might need some help ❤️ just be with her and keep cheering her up @blueoreo11

  • smartygal
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    You should tell her to talk to her parents or if she says no then you might consider talking to them about this. It sounds serious and there is help she can get for depression. @blueoreo11. Or at least tell your mom or dad and ask them for advice. Good luck!

  • moxxo
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    @blueoreo11 oh God this is serious! are her parents concerned? tbh the most u can do is not leave her side through this hard time, try hanging out with her even when she is with her emo friends that way u can talk sense into her by being a part of that group.

    • unicorng
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      @blueoreo11 I don’t know if this helps.but you should tell.her about this app and if she wants to she can talk.about all of her problems what shes struggling to tell you and she can be comfortable with a certain group of girls

  • blueoreo11
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    My friend just told me that she’s beenreally depressed and quiet. She recently is going towards the Emo side of my friends, which is kinda hard for me bc I’m not Emo and I’m not interested in the same stuff, okay but anyway
    She’s really depressed and a lot more shy lately, I asked her if she has told or tried to talk to someone about it. She said she’s only close to her sister, but she doesn’t understand or really care, but her sister is 8 so it kinda makes sense. I told her she to trust me if she ever needs someone to talk too.

    In really worried about her, she barley talks with her parents, she basiclly mute around them and today she’s told me that she has thought about starving herself and she has cut before.
    What could I do to help?

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