I need to stay HEALTHY!

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  • erin_
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    I’m not particularly educated about these topics, but don’t let them rule over yourself. You’re still you. An absolutely lovely you. Yes, they are things anyone would worry about! But you can’t let your life become worrying about getting these! Plus, there’s only a chance you will get them. You might not! Hope this helps

  • stellahusky237
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    I think this is the worng chat for you

  • moxxo
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    @stellahusky237 heyy. so sorry to hear that. but dont worry in a way we r all at risk for sth or the other. be preventive. dont go out too much in the sun. also for diabeties eat healthy and control sugar intake💕 hope u heall😊💕

  • missoofficial
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    @stellahusky237 It’s good to be aware of these health issues now but don’t be scared. To prevent skin cancer, make sure you wear a lot of spf when you go outside, a hat to protect your face and don’t bake in the sun! For diabetes, keep your weight down and eat healthy. If affects people who become obese more than an average size person. No need to stress out about these things now. Just be preventative! 🙂

  • stellahusky237
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    Hi there! So I am really worried because well for one‚ I am going through adalecence and two‚ I am at risk for two really BAD things: skin cancer and dibietas! please help‚ I am really scared. 😟😟

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