I just joined this app

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  • maliazhane
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    Hello, you just pick a category that you want to talk about and start chatting, asking questions and join in on the fun sisterhood of support💕💕

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    @chloemarie106_ that’s great! You will have sooooo much fun with this app! You will never have negative reply’s cause most girls can relate! If you have problem knowing what to do go press the button more in the bottom and then press tour to show you what buttons to push and ya! I had Girl2Girl wall in about a year and I am so excited someone joined the girl2girl wall family! Good luck! Maybe we can be pen pals! This app will help you know what to do! I’m not saying it will controll you but it will help you make positive acts! And there is only girls no boys! Have fun with this app!

  • itmebrooklyn
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    Hi welcome to this app this is the best app I promise u will play it all the time this app is like talking to girls ur age and u will never have to feel embarrassed because some people here probably can relate to that I hope u have fun

  • blakeyrakey
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    Hi!! Welcome! U can ask questions, post topics/ thoughts etc or reply! Follow the different groups so they’ll show up in your feed. U can also friend ppl by clicking their username then pic. To accept requests, go to notifications and swipe left! Just sent u one! It’s fun and safe and welcome to the best community for girls 💜💜💜

  • chloemarie106_
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    Hey I don’t know how this app works

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