I feel like I have no friends

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  • queenisabella602
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    Today they called me really really mean things for taking a drink that was there’s like bad words a brat and other horrible things and I just did I’d forgotten r fun and they told me I am not allowed to talk to them or sit were they sit and i am band from the group because I took a drink I am tired of being treated so horrible

  • kittygirl363
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    trust fall

  • moxxo
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    @queenisabella602 test them in times of crisis! see how they are around u when u really really need their help! thats when u know 🙂

    • queenisabella602
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      But how do I know because when ever I need their help with homework they say they can’t ever day and I was sick and didn’t go to school and got surgery just the other week and they didn’t say if I was ok or why I didn’t show ou

  • prettygirljenae
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    I think you should ask that person if they are talking to you behind your back or whatever and if they dont say anything just cut em loose and dont talk to that person anymore

  • bookhugger45
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    I ask myself that question every day

  • hooloo21
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    @smartygal, I totally agree! A real friend knows when something is up and will try to help you. Jealousy would not get the best of you and your friends. Your friends need to be happy for you and you need to be happy for them. They also won’t talk about you behind your back. You will also know because you know that you can trust them. @queenisabella602 hope this helped!

  • smartygal
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    A real friend is there when you’re happy and sad. They “get” you. You’re both on the same wave length and you’re not competitive with each other. Your Happy when they have successes and they’re happy when you do. That’s what I think a real friend is @queenisabella602

  • queenisabella602
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    How do you know if you have real friends that they are actually your friends and not just pretending

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