I feel like every one hates me

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  • hooloo21
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    You need to tell someone about this. In my opinion that’s bullying. You deserve better than that. Also, don’t listen to their rude words. Words are just there. It’s how you take them counts. Just saying their is another person in your school that feels the way you do. They just need a friend. Try to find that person and be their friend. Because your not alone

  • lemonlime207
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    Dude. Those girls were idiots. That’s it. You shouldn’t even try to talk to them. they don’t have the right to put you down or to swear. Especially for something that stupid. I don’t know or care who these girls are, but THEY are brats. No way you are. A soda? Seriously? Girls at my lunch table steal entire packages of donuts from each other, and nobody batts an eye! And their making this big a deal out of a sip of soda? And since when do they get to decide who you can and can’t talk to? You have a voice and they can’t take that away. You can talk to them all you want if you want to. They ignore you? Yell! They have to pay attention if you make a scene. If they don’t, it makes them look like idiots. I can promise you one thing though. You’re good. If these kids are going to be jerks, let them. It’s not your problem and you didn’t do anything wrong.

  • hazel5
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    That is so unfair. I’m so sorry you have to go through this!! Why dont you ask them directly? @queenisabella602 they seem pretty messed up. Dont be sad or anything because of them. They dont deserve it ❤️

  • moxxo
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    @queenisabella602 thats so weird, why would they call u all this just for taking a sip of their soda?:/🤔

    • queenisabella602
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      I don’t get it eather I didn’t even put my mouth on it

  • rooftopgurl
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    Why can’t u talk to them? Discuss this w a trusted adult and tell someone 🙂 don’t listen to them hope u feel better

  • queenijustini
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    Gotta move on! They are not your friends and they’re really mean to you. You’re better than that! @queenisabella602

  • bookhugger45
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    They are so delusional you’re amazing just the way you are (:

  • unicorn750
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    Gurl, you should tell someone like your family or teacher. We have all been something similar to you. Sit with someone who accepts you and be friends with them, even the “loners”. everyone has good inside of them. If they don’t accept you, move on. yes, this is the harsh reality these days. You shouldn’t pay them back, but say sorry. if you’ve already said sorry and they wont accept you back, don’t try. JUST DON’T. If your really keen, you can, and the decision is up to you. If the situation simmers down after a period of time, u could join them, but it depends, tbh. There will always be people who care about you, like us girls here, and your family as well. BE STRONG. no one can survive in this world if they don’t be strong and build a strong shell around their heart. I am telling you this because I have been backstabbed too many times to now know what situation is what. AS ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END, ALL BAD THINGS WILL COME TO AN END. NEVER LOSE HOPE. there are bad times in everyone’s lives, not just you. PLEASE, TELL SOMEONE. if theyre on the internet, take a photo and show it to someone, because its a clear case of cyberbullying. and once again, BE STRONG. we are here for you. and also don’t pay them back as a way of “buying back your friends” cuz then they aren’t really friends anymore. If other people did it and everyone was okay with it, why u????? And remember, we care about you! I sincerely hope everything will be okay soon!

  • kittygirl363
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    find some new bffs those other ones were pieces of crap

  • queenisabella602
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    So today at school I did something that I thought was funny and other people did to so I took a drink of a soda they had bought and just because of that I am not allowed ta talk to them any more or be apart of the group at school or sit we’re they sit at lunch with them like I usally do and they even called me horrible thing for just taking a little sip of a drink like they called me the b word and a brat and other really mean stuff to my face and n the internet and I don’t know what to do I am tired of how people treat me and I am tired of not having people care about me what should I do I can’t talk to them so what should I do 😭😭🤬

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