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  • brown_potatoes
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    Maybe talk to her nicely and ask why she wants to fight you. And ask her to be nicer. If that doesn’t work maybe you should talk to a trusted adult.

  • lolanna15
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    I have delt with the same thing.
    Just tell her in a nice but firm voice that” (insert their name here), I don’t like the way that you’re treating me, we can be friends but please be nicer.” then once she settles ask what’s bothering her.

  • lolanna15
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    I feel like telling would just make her more mad.

  • thisashleytaylor
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    Hi @nyenyeloveo, I never understand why anyone would like to fight. For what? It seems so silly. i wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her at all. I’ll make sure my friends are there to be witnesses if this girls comes to me and asks me to fight her. I’ll tell her I’m not interested. If she ever asks again, I will tell the playground supervisor/teacher…

  • chlochlokitten
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    Just do a funny face and talk away funny🤪

  • jesjade
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    I would tell the teacher I don’t like fighting

  • nyenyeloveo
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    So there’s this person and at reassess she wants to fight me what do I do?

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