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    @reallyryleei kind of agree with @lilshe23 if u r supposedly “dating” him then he should be proud of u as his gf and should openly declare it to his friends. such guys just want to play around and not get comitted. also if he doesnt have a phone then he should also be making am effort to talk to you,and he clearly isnt. i would suggest just try to let him go. if he comes back himself take him. but dont be the first one to givr in too much into a relationship which he isnt even accepting in front of his friends! 💜 u deserve waaayyy better 💜

  • lilshe23
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    Oof I was in a relationship like this. its sorta toxic. the things he says to you should be the same things that he tells your friends. like if he says to you he loves you and your friends ask him is it true he should be proud and say yes. if he doesnt honey drop him! you deserve so much better and you will find your happy one day!

  • picietiny
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    Not sure about this one. If you chat to him on fortnight and ask but u will see each other after summer so defo talk then

  • forevervictoria101
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    go to both houses pr ask his psreents where he is

    • reallyrylee
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      I only know where one of his houses is

  • reallyrylee
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    So basically I’m dating this guy, but like I’m only in seventh grade (starting today) so it’s not like we talk all the time and he doesn’t have a phone, and when I asked him if he liked me he said yes, but he’s been telling my friends idk. He’s been giving signs he doesn’t really like me so I’m not sure. He also hugged me today, but it was the last day of school and we were walking out of the classroom so that could be why. It’s summer now and I really want to talk to him, but Idk how. He doesn’t have a phone, I don’t know his email, the only thing I have is his address (and potentially his Fortnite username I’ve been asking his friends for it, but they haven’t answered and I’m too embarrassed to ask some of them). Anyway I’m kinda scared to send him a letter because one his parents are split up so it’s not his only house and I don’t know which days he is there, and two it might seem really weird. Pls help me!!!

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