Help please

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  • hazel5
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    Hii @duh_its_macyy you should definitely talk to her ❤️

  • donut37
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    Same for me and my friend. After time it just started to not matter. We decided we were too young for a boyfriend anyways so we just don’t care. Except I told her I can’t bare her to talk about him it makes me feel weird

  • bri0099
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    I have this same thing. I talked to my friend and we both agreed not to make a move on him cause it’s not worth risking a friendship over a guy

    • smartygal
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      That’s a really good plan! I like that! @bri0099

      • bri0099
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        Good luck! Lmk how it goes

  • thisashleytaylor
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    @duh_its_macyy, this guy must be really nice if both you and your friend like him. It also shows that you and your friends think the same, and like the same type of guy. I think that is so awesome. I think your friendship is amazing.

  • kindnesscounts
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    @duh_its_macyy Don’t worry! There are plenty of fish in the sea! You don’t need to like this one specific guy! Also, Be truthful with your friend. I’m sure she’ll understand!

  • alyza
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    hey im sorry 🙁 You should try talking to your friend and be honest about your feelings. you should tell her how it may affect your friendship with her.

  • duh_its_macyy
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    So I like this guy that my friend likes, she knows I like him but she still likes him too. What do I do?

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