Help me!! (LGBT)

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  • picietiny
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    I’m having this problem to even tho both my parents are allies but they are adults and what ifs are going through my brain. I told lots of friends and sister but not the parents

  • drawwithmalik
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    Hey! Things like this is tough. Before you tell her that you’re bi, I’d sit her down and ask her how she feels about the lgbt community. That way you can prepare your response. If she is a supporter, then it’s easy. If not then I’d do research on how others came out to their parents and helped them understand the community. It will give you an idea of certain things to say to your mom. I hope this helps.

  • sierra9783
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    @calico_satin I told my parents through a note (I wrote it and put it on her bedside table)

  • ddqueen
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    Tell her that you are. She will love you for whoever you want to be. Make sure to let her know that it’s a serious topic and that you have been stressed about how to tell her. Let her know it’s something you care about

  • luecor
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    Following. Idk how to tell my parents either that I may be bi

  • pastelkitten
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    You should tell her next time it’s on your mind and she’s nearby. If it’s hard to talk about in person for you, you could send a text to her 😊 the longer you wait the longer you worry!

  • addicat70
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    I straight up told mine. I’m pan and I’m proud of it. Parents should always be supportive of their kids no matter their beliefs.

  • calico_satin
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    Okay, I think I’m bi and I don’t know how to tell my mum, any tips and help would be greatly appreciated 😉

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