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  • hazel5
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    Hey why don’t you talk it out with your parents?
    All these quizzes on the internet are just for fun and they mean nothing tbh. Take parr in some school society? Believe in yourself ❤ @ccgirl11

  • moxxo
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    @ccgirl11 hey, I think you shouldn’t belive random quizzes on the internet to judge whether your really have depression! Also try deep breathing excercises and yoga! it might help you feel relax! like when you get mad just inhale and exhale atleast 6-10 times.
    if things are not working out please do not hesitate to go see your school counselor! <3 we are also here for you, you can vent out all you want <3
    Also are you getting enough sleep these days?

  • skybluesplash
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    @ccgirl11 You don’t have to feel that way. You should probably talk to a counsellor or someone trusted. Things will get better if you talk to someone about it.

  • ccgirl11
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    I have been feeling very hopeless lately. It happens over little things such as “failing” at a soccer game because I was too tired to play. I sometimes completely flip out and yell and scream and throw things when I get really mad. I sometimes feel like I have anxiety over small things too. Like speaking out in class over an idea. I will debate whether my idea is good enough to raise my hand. I don’t know why I’m scared to raise my hand though. Sometimes when I’m really sad I imagine what my family would do if I would die. I don’t know why I imagine it think those things. In fact I can go a day to like six days feeling fine but then sometimes I just get really tired grouchy and sad. I searched some stuff online and found a website with quizzes just on illnesses and disorders. I took a few and got a high chance of bipolar and agitated depression. I don’t think I should believe those though… kinda stuck here. Any advice?

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